Virtual Online Courses with Joby Carter

To take part in our virtual courses you will need access to Zoom on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Joby teaches the courses in a series of one-hour sessions. When you join the broadcast your camera and audio will be switched off, but you will be able to see Joby talking through the lesson and close ups of what he is painting.

You can buy materials to get you started including palettes, brushes, paints and pre-prepared signwriting boards here

Our courses cost £45 for a series of 5 one-hour sessions now with our all NEW recordings that are sent to you after the course for you to refer back to in your own time. You can also book all 6 courses for the price of just 5 course here

All course students have the option to join our exclusive Facebook community of signwriters where you can share ideas with former and current students. The courses vary each month so book early to reserve your space.

Carters Signwriting Club

Join Joby for one hour 15 minutes each week to refine and develop your new-found lettering and brushwork skills. This course is an ideal follow on to our Learn About Letters, Fancy Lettering, Brush Strokes and other courses.

From the comfort of your own home, you will draw up, lay out and paint a sign along with Joby and the rest of the group.

The idea is to paint along with Joby leaving you with your own beautiful hand-painted sign at the end, but if you’re not a natural painter and would like to come along for the fun of it, you can just draw the design out on paper and colour it in.

Worksheets will be provided and the materials for painting your own sign are available from our website.

There are limited spaces on the course and we work on a first come first served basis. See you in September!

Now booking for Monday 14 September -Monday 5 October 8-9.15pm

Learn About Letters

In this series of five, one-hour live sessions. Joby will be teaching you how to draw letters that are structured correctly from a variety of different alphabets including how to scale each letter up and down to suit your signwriting need. He will be asking you to look at letters in a way that you have never done so before, to notice and appreciate key things about the letter that you are going to draw for example which bit of the letter is thick or thin. This course covers forming each letter correctly and true to its form, the beginnings of any piece of work.


Brush Strokes

Moving on from the Learn About Letters course this virtual course will cover how Joby uses the brush. During the course you will be given live demonstrations with you watching Jobys every move. He will be painting a series of pre-laid letters so you can see his brush strokes and ask those burning questions about how he does it. We highly recommend our Learn About Letters and Fancy Lettering courses for the low down on how to lay out letters properly as this course is purely brush work.

Now booking 14-18 September

Fancy Letters

Learn how to develop your signwriting techniques further by using advanced lettering techniques. This course is intended for those with a basic knowledge of lettering, but is open to anyone who would like to get to grips with beautiful traditional techniques. If you want to cover the basic knowledge we recommend trying Learn About Letters beforehand. This virtual course will cover block lettering, the 3D effect, understanding shadows. blending, bevelled lettering, colour combinations and so much more.

Now booking 21-25 September 2020

Fairground Art

Growing up on a vintage fairground, surrounded by beautiful artwork and plenty of highly skilled artists – including his parents, John and Anna Carter. A lot of Jobys work involves replicating and emulating the work of fantastic fairground artists, from Edwin Hall and Sid Howell to Duffield and Fred Fowle. This virtual course will cover, Flamboyant Painting, Lining and Scrolls as well as Blending, Marbling and Colour Combinations. The history of Fairground Art and so much more is also covered.

Now booking 28 September-2 October

Painting Scrolls

In this series of five, one-hour live sessions you will be shown how to draw and paint different kinds of scrolls. Scrolls aren’t just used on the fairground, signwriters and decorators often use them to embellish signs- you’ll find them on cafe and pub signs, canal boats, horse carts, Showman’s wagons and more! At the end of the course you’ll be able to draw and paint scrolls and will have an understanding of the negative space within a scroll, blending and how to put a block behind a scroll.

Now booking 5-9 October 2020

Coach Painting and Coach Lining

Learn traditional skills and expert tips that the Carter family have acquired restoring their beautiful rides, living wagons and transport. You will be taught how to prepare different surfaces such as wood, aluminium or steel; what primers to use for each surface and surface preparation in between coats. Joby also covers painting undercoats, topcoats and how achieve that mirror finish on your work. Including adding the finishing touches of coach lining and varnishing. Demonstrations on how to paint non flat surface such as carving work and even furniture are also covered.

Now booking 12-16 October 2020

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